What to see in Africa

2Africa is a vast continent with more to see and do than is perhaps possible to fit into one trip.

The majority of tourists tend to focus on one area of the continent at time. Trips to north Africa usually focus on Morocco, while in the west, Ghana proves a popular place for backpackers. In east Africa, Kenya is one of the best places to visit, while in the south, the country of South Africa inevitably draws the crowds.

hostels in Africa [] come in all shapes and sizes, often varying depending on country and budget. In Morocco, hostels are mostly converted traditional townhouses, while visitors to the east or west coasts can often book into idyllic beach huts.

Morocco boasts a number of magical cities including Marrakesh and Fez (both have been immortalized in film, music and literature over the years). The capital, Marrakesh, is perfect for an alternative city break and offers wonderful shopping experiences in the multi-colored markets of the souks.

One must-see in Marrakesh is the Djemaa el-Fna. Visitors can find snake charmers, acrobats, jugglers and musicians in the open-air square. At night the plaza is filled with food vendors selling everything from snails to freshly squeezed juice to Moroccan mint tea and spicy harira soup.

Ghana is growing in popularity amongst travelers and as a result the country is home to some of the best hostels in Africa. Accra, the bustling capital, is situated right on the coast, and often serves as the first point of call for those traveling from Europe and the US.

Cape Coast Castle in Ghana is a UNESCO World Heritage site and provides an interesting insight into what Africa was like under colonial rule. The site includes a slave fort and the Gold Coast headquarters of the British government.

Also in West Africa is Gambia, which is the smallest country on the mainland. The tiny country boasts some of the best scenery in Africa and is home to a number of nature reserves including Bijilo Forest Park and the Abuko Nature Reserve.

Kenya is the place to go for safaris. The country is full of vast wildlife parks with the Masai Mara one of the best. This well-known reserve is named after the indigenous Maasai people and is famed for its population of Blue Wildebeest.

Kenya also boasts a beautiful coastline along the Indian Ocean, as does neighboring Tanzania, which is also growing in popularity with western visitors.

Finally, the southern tip of Africa is defined by South Africa, a sprawling landmass that contains beautiful beaches, wonderful wildlife reserves, and the awesome city of Cape Town. As with the continent as a whole, South Africa proves wild, breathtaking, and a lot of good, honest fun.