What to see in Africa


Africa is a vast continent with more to see and do than is perhaps possible to fit into one trip. The majority of tourists tend to focus on one area of the continent at time. Trips to north Africa usually focus on Morocco, while in the west, Ghana proves a popular place for backpackers. In [Read story...]

Africa Travel Vaccinations


Finding out what vaccinations and immunizations you need before you travel to Africa is an important part of planning your trip. This article will help you find out what shots you need to get, where to get them, and which ones come highly recommended so you can stay healthy when you visit Africa. Planning Your [Read story...]

Volunteer in Africa


Volunteering in Africa is a new trend that is rising in the world. Many people are looking to Africa and find ways to help the local communities. Volunteering in Africa provides a host of new opportunities and challenges to whomever who wants to volunteer abroad. Africa is the second largest continent in the world. Second [Read story...]