5 of the world’s greatest train journeys

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Before we took to the skies, we rode the rails. The steam locomotive connected the world like no technology that came before it, linking isolated communities to the big cities. The magic of train travel hasn’t diminished with time, yet most of us h [Read story...]

Five great nighttime venues in Durban

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This is in no way a rating just seven splendid places to visit next time you find yourself in Durban. Most of these venues mentioned host live music and are adding to the contemporary urban culture within KwaZulu-Natal. From jazzy lounges, dingy roc [Read story...]

Top10 News Stories Today

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Share these ten must read news stories today! Kenya Accused Of Spying On Its Citizens Kenyan mobile phone firms have been ordered to install equipment to allow the telecommunications regulator to monitor activity on their networks. It means the Comm [Read story...]

5 Things To Know About The Gambia Independence Day

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The Gambia, officially the Republic of the Gambia, is the smallest country in Africa.  Situated in West Africa, the Gambia is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal, except for its coastline running at its western end on the Atlantic Ocean. Banjul i [Read story...]

How Two Women From Joburg Are Dismantling Colourism

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If you frequently play in the streets of Twitterville, chances are you have come across hashtags like #teamlightskin, #darkskingirlsbelike, and #lightskingirlsbelike. While some of these hashtags are sometimes accompanied by humourous memes, beneath [Read story...]

There’s Nothing Dark About This Kenyan Town

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Lodwar is a special place. The capital of Turkana County, which is also known as the cradle of humankind, it is the warmest town in Kenya with a temperature average of 29 degrees Celsius per year. It is one of the sunniest places in the world, recei [Read story...]

Seven great nighttime venues in Durban

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This is in no way a rating just seven splendid places to visit next time you find yourself in Durban. Most of these venues mentioned host live music and are adding to the contemporary urban culture within KwaZulu-Natal. From jazzy lounges, dingy roc [Read story...]

The Bean Driving The Dark Chocolate Industry

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With demand for chocolate at an all time high, the industry is booming and is now valued at over US $100 billion. Leading manufacturers post impressive profits each year as appetite for the sweet treat grows. But have you ever wondered where the fin [Read story...]

Where African Art Is No Longer In The Dark


When traveling to another country, some of the things you’d probably want to see are the famous sites and landmarks that tell the story and origins of that country. These may include: iconic buildings, natural wonders, museums, and of course, [Read story...]

Bill And Melinda Gates Release 2017 Annual Letter

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Bill and Melinda Gates have released their 2017 Annual Letter noting that we are witnessing the fastest progress the world has ever seen in global health and poverty reduction. The 2017 letter is addressed to investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet [Read story...]

10 African Love Ballads Perfect For Any Day

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If music speaks to you soul and soothes the heart and mind, then serenading your loved one with the best romantic singles from Africa is a sure way to make any day memorable. Here are 10 romantic songs from Africa to include on your Valentine’s p [Read story...]

10 Ways to Say “I Love You”, In Nigeria

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Sometimes finding the best way to express your love to your special person can be hard. Not to worry, because we’re here to help. If you’re looking for something spontaneous and romantic to do in Nigeria, check out the following ideas. Spend s [Read story...]

10 Ways to Say “I Love You”, In Kenya

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Are you looking to do something that will put a smile on your loved one’s face? Kenya is a beautiful and vibrant country where you can share fun and spontaneous activities with the ones you love.  Here is our collection of the 10 activities that [Read story...]

Top African Food Blogs

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African cuisine is celebrated for its diversity of flavors, its blending of cultures and its ingenious combinations of avant-garde recipes and homegrown classics. African food lovers celebrate this smorgasbord of offerings with their own blogs haili [Read story...]

10 African Artists To Watch In 2017

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Every year, a fresh wave of new artists burst into the limelight and capture our attention with their remarkable musical abilities. A crisp sound, unique voice, and fresh perspective – some of the things that endear new artists to listeners. While [Read story...]

10 Ways To Say “I Love You” In South Africa

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It’s important to do something out of the ordinary to show affection to the one you love. Whether you’re in need of things to do for Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter, we’ve got your back with these ideas. From hot air bal [Read story...]

Five Mountain Bike Trails to check out in South Africa

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South Africa a land of many wonderful natural environments to relish in, people long for these peaceful and serene locations and one way in which this can be enjoyed is by riding a mountain bike. This country has been cultivating many world class mo [Read story...]

Last minute Valentine’s Day deals in South Africa

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Make a grand gesture this Valentine's Day. Sweep your partner away to one of South Africa's most romantic getaways with our hotel and break offers, or get your hands on the perfect spa and experience gifts. Hire a car at Car Rental Cape Town [Read story...]

Recipe For Valentine’s Day (And Chocoholics)

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day – because let’s face it, the ‘day of love’ is all about chocolate. Sam Linsell, top South African food stylist and Drizzle and Dip blogger, has created chocolate stout doughnuts with (more) chocolate glaze. [Read story...]

How to use your holiday to the maximum effect

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Within the fast paced nature of urban living people forget to take time out and experience everything that the world has to offer. We take our work with us on to the bathroom, in the car and on holiday. Finding time in between to fit in those precio [Read story...]

Your 2017 Cape Town travel bucket list

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Cape Town really is one of the world’s most spectacular tourist destinations for so many reasons that are its no wonder people have been venturing to this part of the world for so many years. There is so much to do and see that most would have [Read story...]

Five South African National Parks to explore in 2017

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South Africa really is a great travel destination for so many reasons, what’s great about the country is that there are world class cities with public amenities that can compete with anywhere on the planet. So once you have explored some of th [Read story...]

A traveler’s guide to Franschhoek

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This is one of the Cape’s most sought after getaways for so many great reasons, come and enjoy your time whilst basking in the iconic and beautiful mountains and wildlife of the area. It’s a destination well known for both its rich histo [Read story...]

OP-ED: A Continent of Hope By António Guterres

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António Guterres is Secretary-General of the United Nations Far too often, the world views Africa through the prism of problems. When I look to Africa, I see a continent of hope, promise and vast potential. I am committed to building on those streng [Read story...]