How To Lose Fat And Get Lean On A Vegan Diet | Part 2

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In case you missed it, in a previous post (Part 1) I talked about some of the background, my diet, what I ate and how I manipulated my calories as well as the overall strategy that I used to get photo shoot/competition ready on a vegan diet. In this [Read story...]

Jay Cutler, The RISE | Bodybuilding Motivation

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A great bodybuilder and Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler says it how it is and lets his actions do the talking. Check out this great video of him to get you motivated right now! Watch this video on YouTube. The post Jay Cutler, The RISE | Bodybuilding Motivati [Read story...]

H & H Bodybuilding Classic 2016

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In case you missed the H and H bodybuilding classic, the incredible Francis Watkins and Themba Simelane managed to snap some great pictures. Check them out below! Juniors under 75kg Juniors over 75Kg senior men female athletes mens athletics Female [Read story...]

Shawn Ray Versus Kevin Levrone

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2 legends in bodybuilding, Kevin Levrone and Shawn Ray. Both whom never won an Olympia title but were seen as amongst the greatest of Olympians. With Kevin Levrone’s comeback at this years Mr Olympia, it will be very interesting to see what pa [Read story...]

In Conversation With Francois Beya

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In this video, Francois Beya discusses a few different things, from aspects of his childhood, his life threatening car accident, to training tips of the pros and if he really needs motivation doing what he does! Watch the shorter more motivating vi [Read story...]

Ab Training Tips and Common Ab Exercise Mistakes

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A common misconception that people have is that, they need to be doing thousands of crunches and ab exercises every day to flatten their tummies and get abs. If you cannot see any abs on you, that means they are covered with a layer (or two) of fat. [Read story...]

How To: Training With Rubber Resistance Bands


A great way to add resistance to certain exercises is through the use of resistance bands. They are great to use when you seek an alternate to using weights or when you do not have access to a gym. A few different exercises which can be done to targ [Read story...]

ABS Training With Castro Barreira José- Cazé

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Image by iRothemberger I train abs three times a week. Ab Workout and exercises: Read Castro’s Full interview here! 1. Normal Planking 4 sets of 1 minute each. 2. Side planking right 4 sets of 1 minute each. 3. Side planking left 4 sets of 1 mi [Read story...]

Leg Training Tips And Full Workout With Leana Viviers

What are your 3 best go to Quad/thigh exercises? Leg extensions Squats Reverse hack squats What are your 3 best go to Hamstring/Glute exercises? Stiffleg Deadlifts Lying leg curls Single Leg Standing Hamstring Curls Which is the most overrated leg e [Read story...]

One On One With New WBFF Pro, Marco Araujo

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Quick Stats Name: Marco Araujo Age: 25 Height: 1.77 m Competition weight: 77 Kg Current weight: 80 Kg Current city: Pretoria, South Africa Occupation: Owner/ Partner @ Body Sketch How did you get started? I started at the age of 20 with weight train [Read story...]

One On One With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas


Quick Stats Name: Johnny Lucas Age: 33 Height: 1.72 m Competition weight: 84 Kg Current weight: 94 Kg Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Trainer/Online Coach You seem to be quite the sportsman and athlete, what age did you start re [Read story...]

Michelle Lewin Motivation

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“There’s nothing more motivating than when you find a new vein! Am I crazy?” ~ Michelle Lewin “Progress is what motivates me to keep pushing harder and not give up.” ~ Michelle Lewin “It’s probably hard to believe, [Read story...]