Leg Training And Tips With Tarryn Zelow

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Name: Tarryn Zelow Age: 27 Height: 1,63 m How often do you train your legs and do you train everything on one day or split them up? Twice a week, I split them up and do Quads alone and Hammies and glutes together. What are your 3 best go to Quad/thig [Read story...]

Shoulder Training And Tips With Hayley T-Rex Wright

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Name: Hayley T-Rex Wright Age: 33 Height: 1,72 m Current weight: 60 kgs Current city: Kloof, Durban, South Africa Read Hayley’s Full interview here! I love training shoulders. They used to be my weakest point by far so I’ve learned to love tr [Read story...]

The Right Way To Plank! & Common Plank Mistakes

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So many people add the plank hold to their core or ab exercise routines, but often times are not doing the exercise correctly, and thus not maximising its benefits. At a glance the plank looks simple enough and easy to do, but there are a few small t [Read story...]

Colour Your Way To Fit! Outdoor Shoot With Freddy

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This was a small photo shoot we did with Freddy who is an upcoming bodybuilder, and has also been trained in gymnastics as well as martial arts. In the near future we will be doing shoots like this for athletes around the Johannesburg/Pretoria area, [Read story...]

IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic Motivation!

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Sadik Hadzovic has one of the best fitness model physiques in the world at the moment and is seen as a great source of motivation. Here are a few pictures and videos of him and some of his social media statuses to keep you inspired and motivated! & [Read story...]

The Pre-Exhaustion Technique – Is It Worth It?

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I often find myself thinking about the different types of techniques one implements as an advanced trainer. Supersets, tri-sets, giant sets, and many others provide tools that you can implement in your current workout regime. The one that I was mos [Read story...]

FitNish Favourites: Volume 1

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FitNish Favourites will be a series on where we discuss a few cool and convenient things which we have come across and thought you should know about. The idea in the future will be to give exposure to smaller businesses and shed some lig [Read story...]

Clifford (Remember) Shabangu Tribute

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It was a sad weekend as bodybuilding lost a truly inspirational and great athlete, Clifford Shabangu to a tragic car accident. He will sorely be missed by many, all you have to do is look at his Facebook wall to see all the comments and posts to see [Read story...]

ARMS Training With Castro Barreira José- Cazé

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Read Castro’s Full interview here! biceps routine: 1. 21’s – EZ bar curls Wide grip: 7 half reps. 7 half reps. 7 full reps. 5 sets light to medium: 10 – 12 reps heavy Rest period 45 seconds 2. Single arm Concentrated Curls 3 [Read story...]

Simeon Panda Motivation

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“I found solace, I found my peace in something that allows me to express aggression, determination, resilience, i’m in my zone. In this environment i’m truly living.” “The best thing about bodybuilding is, you only get [Read story...]