15 Best Countries For Business in Africa

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Africa’s 15 Best Countries for Business The African continent is buzzing with potential. Rich in natural resources, a hardworking population, and huge gaps and opportunities for anyone who wants to succeed in business. Yes there are challenges, but  [Read story...]

Top 8 tips for Selling to the CIO

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Selling to the CIO masterclass set to take place on 29 – 30 June 2016 at Henley Business School in Johannesburg. (Photography by Darryl Linington). Let’s face it, selling to the modern-day CIO is not an easy task. These industry executives es [Read story...]

Wallettec CEO discusses the mobile money industry

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(Image Source: There is a huge difference between mobile money and mobile payments… People are confusing the two technologies and although they are very similar, the difference is huge. Mobile Money is the ability to store mo [Read story...]

Banking security in Africa reaching a tipping point?

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Banking security in Africa reaching a tipping point. Entersekt CEO, Schalk Nolte, looks at the growing security risks for banks and financial institutions in Africa and explains why complacency is no longer an option. Despite some consolidation in th [Read story...]

SAP opens new office in Morocco

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SAP opens new office in Morocco. SAP Africa has revealed the official opening of its new office in Casablanca, Morocco. The office opening coincided with the 2016 SAP Africa Francophone Partner Forum event in Casablanca where approximately 100 SAP pa [Read story...]

The Hard Problem of Data Analytics in Africa

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One of the attributes of really good technology is that it hides the complexity of what goes on in the background, while still being useful. Depending on how old you are, you may remember having to set up a TV by selecting UHF or VHF with a little sw [Read story...]

Ranked: Top 10 most innovative companies in Africa

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The list highlights some of Africa’s true innovators who come from Nairobi, Kenya, Nigeria, and other popular tech driven countries – including Praekelt Foundation. (Image Source: bloximages). Africa is full of innovation. Whether it is a [Read story...]

Pics of the Week: Sunsets

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They happen around the world every hour of every day; you just have to make room to see them. They offer moments of pause and consideration that our planet is bigger than we think. They are sunsets and they’re this week’s feature for Pics of the [Read story...]