SA Cloud market worth $140m and growing

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By Kerry Hope, Business Development Manager, Magic Software South Africa (image: South African enterprises are moving to the cloud. According to George Etheredge, ICT research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, the local cloud market is w [Read story...]

Getting Virtual Reality right for retail

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Retailers are waking up to the importance of VR and other emerging technologies in revolutionizing customer experience both online and in-store. Virtual reality technology makes a lot of sense for online retailers but better customer understanding is [Read story...]

Embracing disruptive technology for business efficiency

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Frank Rizzo, Technology sector leader at KPMG in South Africa. With decision-makers embracing digitalisation, technology has become integrated into every facet of business. And while the likes of cloud computing and data analysis are still important, [Read story...]

How to create engaging customer experiences

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Gary Stocks, head of knowledge at BSG. Customer experience has become an emerging battleground for most organisations, as they seek ways to extract further value from customers. Yet many organisations are unsure of how to find this value and often do [Read story...]

IT trends to look out for in 2017

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IT trends for 2017 byBertus Homan, Sales Director, Hitachi Data Systems South Africa (image: 2017 will be an exciting time and may well be the beginning of a new era for productivity growth. Digital transformation will be a major busines [Read story...]

OP-ED: A Continent of Hope By António Guterres

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António Guterres is Secretary-General of the United Nations Far too often, the world views Africa through the prism of problems. When I look to Africa, I see a continent of hope, promise and vast potential. I am committed to building on those streng [Read story...]

Major developments expected for fintech in 2017

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Dominique Collett , senior investment executive at Rand Merchant Investments. From digital banks to mobile-payment solutions, technology is set to change the South African financial services landscape at a pace that will continue to surprise even the [Read story...]

Top Unified Communication Trends for 2017

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Steve Harris, Managing Director SIPHON; and EVP Unified Communications for Nuvias Group. In 2017, we will see the continued and accelerated growth of cloud for Unified Communications (UC) and a cloud-based consumption model for UC services. Adoption [Read story...]

Smarter cities are safer cities

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Gavin Holme (left), Business Head, Africa, Wipro Limited and Rudraksh Bhawalkar (right), Practice Manager, Analytics, Africa, Wipro Limited As technology evolves at exponential pace, and increasing numbers of individuals live in urban areas, the conc [Read story...]

Benefits of cloud backup

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Phillip de Bruyn, Customer Experience Manager at Redstor The past year has seen South African businesses migrate a substantial amount of their data to the cloud. Phillip de Bruyn, Customer Experience Manager at Redstor, believes this will bring a ren [Read story...]

Opinion: 9 ways to slash e-commerce cart abandonment

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Kyle Rozendo, CTO at Global shopping cart abandonment on e-commerce websites is reported at anything between 60 and 70 percent. Yet simple tweaks to the purchasing process and a keen eye on usability can ensure more completed sa [Read story...]

How IoT and Internet will merge

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Bruce Zhou, CEO at AXILSPOT The ability to connect machines, devices, sensors, and other everyday things into an intelligent network and make sense out of them, has huge promises to change everyday life. As can be expected by taking in our entire wor [Read story...]

Gmail phishing: what to look out for

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Gmail phishing, the latest scam to hit the internet. (Source: Forbes) This sophisticated new Gmail phishing scam shows that the more savvy criminals are reacting to defence techniques and evolving their strategies to outpace them. The scam specifical [Read story...]

Opinion: Knowledge Grazing in an Information Age

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Angel Schaerer, Teacher Engagement Lead for Microsoft South Africa. The information revolution has shifted learning away from ordered hierarchies toward a much messier, disorganised and self-directed learning paradigm. But has this disrupted educatio [Read story...]

Opinion: Data must fall? But it is Falling!

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Compared to other technologies, smartphone usage is still in relative infancy but growing as network access increases and real data prices fall. Cellphone and smartphone usage is one of South Africa’s great development success stories. Mobile telec [Read story...]

The art of app development

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Bradley Elliott, MD of Platinum Seed. The proliferation of smart phone and tablet apps has transformed the way consumers interact with brands and service providers. This presents a huge opportunity for companies to deepen their relationship with cust [Read story...]

Tips for buying devices for your business

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With the market always releasing new and better devices, how do you know which one to choose? (Image source: Devices are as fundamental to a business as a business plan. What’s great about modern devices is that they support a wid [Read story...]

Using technology to shape brand opinions

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Ismail Schuster says that increasing use of social media influences consumer opinions. Technology and the ability to share information has democratised the perception of brands. Customer opinion is more influential than ever in determining brand perc [Read story...]

Is Africa the land of business opportunity or pain?

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IMD Professor Leif Sjoblom talks on benefits of operating in Africa With growth stagnating around much of the world, businesses often look to new markets to find opportunities. BRIC countries were previously thought of as the global El Dorado by many [Read story...]

ITIL could improve the quality of service delivery

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Edward Carbutt, Executive Director at Marval Africa Technology is constantly evolving and organisations need to adopt the changing technology in order to maximise their benefits. But remaining agile and flexible enough to do so can lead to chaos if a [Read story...]

Banks grapple while nimble players eat their lunch

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WIZZIT bank grapple in West Africa Financial inclusion is a critical engine of economic development at both macro and micro levels. Technology – and access to mobile phones – could make financial services accessible and available to nearly 4 bill [Read story...]

What is the cost of keeping customers happy?

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Customer experience management has traditionally been about customers being able to rate a business based on their interaction, or a business gathering information to better understand what a customer is thinking to provide a better service. But acco [Read story...]

Great cybersecurity technologies need great people

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Michael Xie, founder, president and CTO of Fortinet As chief technology officer, my primary mandate is to develop technologies to help our enterprise customers improve their security postures. As we cross our 300-patent milestone after 16 years in th [Read story...]

Connecting Cities in the Cloud

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While smart cities have held a great deal of promise for many years, they are only beginning to come to fruition now. This is due to the fact that we now have the network connectivity and the backend storage and compute infrastructure to unleash thei [Read story...]

Will Artificial Intelligence disrupt business?

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Will Artificial Intelligence disrupt business? (Image Source: The once-futuristic predictions about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact the world are becoming reality. Legendary futurist Ray Kurzweil has imagined advanced tec [Read story...]

Is EFT making a comeback in Africa?

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Is EFT making a comeback in Africa? Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) may be one of the older payment methods on the block, but thanks to fraud and crime they are experiencing a revival.  As technology platforms evolve to make EFTs more easily managed [Read story...]