6 ways your bank account could be hacked

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6 ways that hackers can access your bank account. With the heightened threat of hacks by fraudsters attempting to access people’s bank accounts through text messages, emails, phone calls etc., it is important we are armed with knowledge of the diff [Read story...]

Safer Internet Day 2017- Redstor’s contribution

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Danie Marais, Director of Redstor. Specialised cloud software and backup services provider Redstor is urging the market to unite for a better internet and support the global Safer Internet Day 2017 on Tuesday 7 February. The annual worldwide initiati [Read story...]

Top tech trends in security for 2017

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By Roy Alves, Country Manager, MEA, Axis Communications. Security will be a huge trend in 2017, following a number of high-profile cyber-attacks and hacks last year. With surveillance security continuing to develop as a result of breakthroughs in big [Read story...]

Fortifying wireless security key to a robust network

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Paul Williams Country Manager – SADC at Fortinet. Most organizations think they have their security taken care of but ironically, CIOs today are not accounting for how their network is actually accessed. A single user may be logged on through multipl [Read story...]

Digital transformation does not happen haphazardly

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Digital transformation does not happen haphazardly says Charl Ueckermann, CEO at AVeS Cyber Security. (image: Shutterstock) South African businesses, like millions worldwide are embracing digital technologies with fervor. They bring seemingly endless [Read story...]

Top Android security & privacy Apps for 2017

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All digital devices, if unprotected, become one of the easiest data breach targets for an average hacker. 2016 has been the toughest year ever in online security, with multiple big-scale hacks throughout the year. To name just a few famous incidents [Read story...]

Attacks on business now equal one every 40 Seconds

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Ransomware is Kaspersky Lab’s Story of the Year 2016. In 2016 ransomware attacks on business increased three-fold: which represents a change from an attack every 2 minutes in January to one every 40 seconds by October. For individuals, the rate of [Read story...]

Rack Centre achieves ISO certification

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L-R: Finance Director, Rack Centre, Mr. Azfar Hussain; Managing Director, Rack Centre, Mr. Ayotunde Coker; Business Development Manager, BSI Middle East and Africa, Mr. Viadimir Cherny and Partner, Deloitte, Tope Aladenusi. Rack Centre has obtained t [Read story...]

Rogue Pokémon App discovered

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Kaspersky lab discovers rogue pokemon app that has been downloaded 500,00 times Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a malicious app on the Google Play store: “Guide for Pokémon Go”, capable of seizing root access rights on Android smartphones [Read story...]

Great cybersecurity technologies need great people

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Michael Xie, founder, president and CTO of Fortinet As chief technology officer, my primary mandate is to develop technologies to help our enterprise customers improve their security postures. As we cross our 300-patent milestone after 16 years in th [Read story...]

The real cost of the IT Security talent shortage

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The real cost of the IT Security talent shortage. (Image Source: Large businesses that struggle to attract sufficiently skilled IT security experts end up paying up to three times more to recover from a cybersecurity in [Read story...]

Corporate cyberattacks will continue to rise

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Cyberattacks targeted at the corporate world continue to be on the increase. Terms like cyber espionage and corporate hacktivists are being thrown around over many boardroom tables these days, with decision makers expressing massive concern. The real [Read story...]

Understanding Dictionary Attacks

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All is quiet in the library. As sleepy hours of research linger on, suddenly, out of nowhere, a rabid librarian appears. With a blood curdling scream, wielding a large dictionary, she bears down on you like a speeding bullet. In the moments that foll [Read story...]

New scam uses Windows Live ID to capture information

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Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab. (Image Source: According to Kaspersky Lab, experts are warning of a new scam that uses Windows Live ID as a bait to catch personal information stored in user profiles on services like Xbox LIV [Read story...]

Top 5 2015 Cyber Security Threat Predictions

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Top 5 2015 Cyber Security Threat Predictions (Image Source: As 2015 approaches Fortinet and its threat research division FortiGuard Labs, have taken a look ahead to determine the most significant cyber security thre [Read story...]