#1 Why Dangote Almost Left Tanzania

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For almost a year, Tanzanian officials had been in a bitter $600 million dispute with Dangote Cement over investment incentives related to a new cement plant in Mtwara, southern Tanzania. Source: Quartz Africa [Read story...]

Corruption and Poaching: The Tusk At Hand

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Poachers’ sophisticated network drives trafficking of ivory and horns through East Africa – By Maurice Oniango and Andrew Ochieng. Additional reporting by Wandiswa Ntengento. Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania are waging a war on poaching, [Read story...]

Africa’s Fastest Growing Economies

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Africa is bestowed with young, fast-growing population. This population has been credited with the current economic boom all over the continent. We have compiled a list of six countries in sub-Saharan Africa with the highest projected compounded annu [Read story...]

Investors appetite for T-Bills up

Despite the oversubscription, the liquidity squeeze in the circulation is attributed to slight fall of the total amount tendered in the treasury bills auctioned by the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) last week compared to the preceding session. Bank of Tanza [Read story...]

Dar, Oslo vow to enhance economic, trade relations

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Norway remains key development partner for Tanzania, particularly in promoting agricultural sector to enhance its contribution to the country’s development. Agricultural sector that employs over 70 per cent of the workforce contributes about 25 pe [Read story...]

NBC launches reward programme for customers

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The National Bank of Commerce (NBC) has launched a rewards programme for its private banking customers who will enjoy attractive discounts and offers available in over 25 retail franchises located across the country. The National Bank of Commerce (N [Read story...]

NIC Bank receives 15.4bn/- loan facility

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NIC Bank Tanzania Limited has received a long-term loan of USD $7 million (15.4bn/-) from Proparco, the private sector financing arm of Agence Francise de Development (AFD). The proceeds of the loan injection will go towards strengthening and growin [Read story...]

EPZA attracts over 2.7tri/- investments

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Investments under the Exports Processing Zones (EPZs) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have surpassed one billion US dollars in the past seven years, with 130 registered companies creating 31,923 jobs for mostly Tanzanians. Export Processing Zones [Read story...]

Tanzania: Bus owners still plead for duty reduction

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Bus transport stakeholders are anxiously waiting for government’s response to their plea for reduction of import duty on buses from 25 per cent to 10 per cent. The Secretary General of the Tanzania Bus Owners Association (TABOA), Mr Enea Mrutu [Read story...]

Investors appetite for govt bills falls

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Performance of the short term government paper has been below expectations in the previous four auctions ending up registering undersubscriptions. Bank of Tanzania (BoT) The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) auction conducted recently shows that investors’ a [Read story...]

Travel expert lays accent on promotion of tourism

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The travelling sector, pivotal to the growth of tourism in the country and other segments of the economy, deserves more attention, a travel agency with a branch in Dar es Salaam has noted. Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ in an interview recently in [Read story...]

Kenya oil product imports to hit record in May

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Kenya is set to import record volumes of oil products in May as its economy gathers steam, soaking up some of Asia’s excess supply and helping put a floor under refining margins. Off Beats 3 – A filling station attendant fills a vehicle at a [Read story...]

DSE turnover shoots up in Q1

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The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) turnover has increased almost two-folds by 93 per cent to 278bn/- in the first quarter 2015 from 144bn/- of the previous quarter that ended in December 2014. DSE Chief Executive Officer, Moremi Marwa The DSE Ch [Read story...]

Overlanding in Africa: the True Meaning of Adventure

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Well, there’s adventure and then there’s adventure. And few places in the world offer the type of italicized adventure that an overland camping trip through Africa does. This is the kind that has you riding through the savannah alongside herds of [Read story...]

Minister urges investment in livestock sector

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Lack of new investments due to unfriendly business environment has been hindering the growth of the dairy sector and its contribution to the economic growth. Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development, Dr Titus Kamani The Minister for Livestoc [Read story...]

AfDB approves 261bn/- for Tanzania-Kenya power line

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a $145 million (about 261bn/-) loan to fund the building of an electricity line between Tanzania and Kenya to improve regional power connections. AfDB said in a statement that the funding would help c [Read story...]

EABL returns 12pc growth in pre-tax profit

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NAIROBI: East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) released its half-year results for the six months period ending December 31, 2014 announcing net sales growth of nine per cent and 12 per cent growth in profit before tax. The results reflected double digit [Read story...]

Don’t Wait: Now’s the time for Africa

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Elephant herd on the Serengeti. Photo courtesy Jaymie Bachiu. Would you postpone a polar bear viewing trip to Churchill, Manitoba if there were a flu outbreak in Miami, Florida? Probably not. Most wouldn’t give it a second thought. But that’s wh [Read story...]

Kenya now seeks to join global sisal board

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The Government has applied to renew its membership of the international organisation of major sisal producers and exporters, the Inter Governmental Group on Hard Fibres after more than a decade. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority Sisal In [Read story...]

Holili border post to begin operations soon

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A One Stop Border Post at Holili in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region is expected to start operations in January, next year after repairs of ICT network problems, project financiers, TradeMark East Africa, has revealed. Holili One Stop Border Post The TMEA [Read story...]

BoT reduces banks’ reserve ratios

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The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) intends to cut down the statutory minimum reserve that local commercial banks deposit with the central bank to allow the financial institutions extend more grants to peasants. Central Bank Governor Professor Benno Ndulu Th [Read story...]

Minister endorses ICT outsourcing in public services

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A business processing outsourcing framework which will be used by different public service delivery agencies including in digitising documents is in the pipeline. Prof Makame Mbarawa Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, Professor Maka [Read story...]

Dar gets ‘phone doctor’ service

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The leading cellular network company in Tanzania, Vodacom, has launched a new service which will allow its subscribers to access important health information for free for 30 days. Vodacom Head of Marketing, Mr Kelvin Twissa Vodacom Head of Marketing [Read story...]

Tanzania Govt for new monitoring system in agriculture

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Modern technology use will help the country address challenges of agriculture production caused by climate change, Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Christopher Chiza has said. Minister Christopher Chiza The minister who is a [Read story...]

Tosha Petroleum plans Sh1b expansion

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Tosha Petroleum, a Kenyan-based petroleum dealer, has announced an ambitious expansion drive that will see it invest more than Sh1 billion in the next three years. The firm plans to roll out 30 flagship service stations across Eastern Africa and int [Read story...]